Everythinig about eyeglass hinge:

What are eyeglass hinges ?

Eyeglass hinges play one vital role part in one pair of eyeglass frame,it connects eyeglass frame front and eyeglass temples or arms.

How Many types of eyeglass hinges are ?

From the material : there are nickel hinges, copper hinges, stainless steel hinges and titanium hinges or casting berylium hinges etc ;

From the frames material used on: they consists of  hinges for wood eyeglass frames, hinges for plastic frames, hinges for metal frames, hinges for conbination frames etc.

Seeing from if they are with spring hinges: they could be devided into normal hinges which are without springs inside, or spring hinges which could help temples restore its position when it's openned out .

How should I choose my eyeglass hinges ?

First, please check your material of eyeglass frame:

 If your frame is made of plastic,  hinges for plastic frames will be recommended firstly.

If your frames is made of wood, please check the hinges for wood,which includes spring hinges for wood frames,and univeral hinges for wood frames (without springs).

If your frames are made of metal, you need choose the hinges which could be soldered on, this kind of hinges bottom is flat and usually without any reaching out feet like hinges for plastic frames,such as below.


While aluminum frames are one exception. Though it's metal frame, while the material is unable to be soldered on, so usually, for aluminum frames, their springs are inserted into recess of frmae and be punched into the temple body directly for spring hinge. Or you could use universal hinges, or slide on hinges such as TSH-02, TSH-04 etc.


Second, please check how would you like to install the hinges on ?

If you are one skilled eyeglass manufacturer, and got proper hinges installing machine, you could select hinges as you like.

such as for plastic eyewear frames, usually heating installed hinges are recommended which have the feet which could be inserted into front or temples by heat.

While if you are only one hobbyist, and want to make your own frame easier, we recommend you to choose screw-on eyeglass hinges easier.


What kind of machine is necessary for installing hinges?

For plastic frame, one hinge inserting machine is necessary;

For wood frames, usually one vertical driller,one cutter is necessary for making recess, glue and screws as well for installing.



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