double spring hinge for timber eyewear TSH-53

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Double spring hinge for wood horn sunglasses:


TSH-53, which is  specially designed for eyewear frame which  has soldering problem, especially for wood eyeglass, horn sunglasses,rimless frame, timber eyewear, plastic frames etc.

The double spring mechanisms make the action more stronger than usual single spring hinge,people love it once they tried.


It is designed with both front and temple part secured  by screws, it's so easy that even one kid could do it, and customer could easily change it if they like anytime,even one recess is not necessary on frame front.


For your convenience,various length eyeglass torx screws and normal screws are matched without additional charge. 

Material: high nickel;


drawing of great flex hinge for wood eyewear

TSH-53 hinge onto frame:


6 reasons why it is suporior to other hinges:

1.  double spring hinge makes it double stable and durable than normal hinges;

2. pretty easily installed way,  by screws only,  no recess even (better if there's of course

3. don't need any experience of hinge installing,

4. unique design and super quality makes your quality frames more attractive ;

5. 3.6mm torx screws are enclosed free with hinges so that you don't need to search it anywhere else.

6. torx headed shape screws matched, it's difficult to be unscrewed unless by special torx screwdriver.


Updated model: TSH-60 was developped on the base of TSH-53, there are three improvements on it. We strongly recommend you to check it if you use TSH-53 before.

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