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double rivets shields

Everything about double rivet shields, plaquesfor eyeglass,sunglasses, spectacle frames:

Where to find metal pins,metal double rivet shields,plaques for eyeglass frame online ?

ZOYE supply various metal double rivet shields,double rivet plaques for eyglass hinges and temples(or wire cores) installing, such as bow shape , rectange shape, arrow shape etc, avaiilable with silver,gold,gun colors,from 5.0-7.0mm height. made of high nickel and stainless steel, supe quality is.

To custom made it is availiable as long as your drawing could be supplied at MQO: 2000 pieces.


FAQ about double rivet plaques:

What is double rivet plaques are used for ?

They are usually used for mounting eyeglass temples with hinges together, or mounting the temples onto frame front together;

What the material they are made of ?

usually, they are made of nickel or stainless steel for plaque, and nickel for posts ;

What colos are available ?

Usually,they could be coated to silver, gold and gun colors ;


What shapes are available ?

rectangle shape, round shape, racetrack shapes,bow shapes, arrow shapes etc shown as above are available already, but in custom order, actually, any shapes could be possible.

What sizes are available ?

5.0mm height, 6.0mm height,7.0mm height available,1.0mm-1.2mm posts are available already,

but in custom order, actually, any sizes could be custom made.

Could I have my own double rivets custom made ?

Sure, it's available, MOQ: 2000 pieces;

Lead time for custom order ?

Usually, 20-25 days once the deposit is received.

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double riveting ,eyeglass plaques for sunglasses frame compatible with Ray Ban

double rivet shields for sunglasses 6.0mm height TDV-06

double riveting pins, plaques,shields for sunglasses frame 6mm length silver gold colors

double rivet plaques for eyeglass 6mm height TDV-11

diamond double rivets plaques for sunglass frame 6mm length TDV-12

double rivet plaques diamond for eyeglass 6mm height TDV-12

rectangle rivet placque foreyeglass frame sunglasses 6.0mm height stainless steel

rectangle rivet plaques shields for eyeglass hinges 6mm height TDV-13

super quality rivet plaque for sunglass frame 6.0mm width stainless steel

double rivet plaques for eyeglass 6mm height TDV-15

custom made your own double rivets for sunglasses, hinges fixing

custom made double rivet plaques for your own eyeglass frame


5.5mm double attached pins for all purpose hinge  gold color

5.5mm double rivet plaques for eyeglass hinges TDV-01

6.0mm double plugs for hinge mounting TDV-02  silver color

6mm double rivet plaques for eyewear TDV-02

7.0mm double rivets for wayfarer hinges TDV-03 gold

7mm double rivet plaques for eyeglass TDV-03

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