parts for rimless frame

Parts for rimless eyewear frames: 

In one pair of rimless eyeglass frames, you will see three main parts, they are lenses, bridges and temples. For bridges and temples, there're screw on type and mounting on type,two types. For screw-on types of bridges and temples, they are mainly installed by screws,nuts etc, while for push on type of bridges and temples, the mounting sleeve is mainly used for installing them onto lenses. 

Except them,some small parts are easily to be ignored, but they are completely important for installing. For screw-on bridges, after putting bridges onto lenses, we need use washers, metal nuts and plastic caps inside of lenses for installing. Mounting on bridges are more convenient, only plastic mounting sleeve is necessary. 

temple arms for rimless frame:

temples arms for rimless frame,rimless glasses

screw on temples for rimless frame


Eyeglass bridge for rimless frame:


screw on bridges for rimless eyewear : 6 models ;

bridges for rimless eyewear frame

mounting on bridges for rimless eyewear: 5 models ;

clip on bridges for rimless frame

How to choose suitable bridges for my rimless frame ?


screw on bridges:

If you'd like your rimless bridges at 15-16mm length, please consider and TB-886 and TB-156,
If you need 18mm rimless bridges, please consider TB-311 and TB-279,
If you need 20mm length of rimless bridges, please consider TB-176 and TB-299.  

If you need your bridges very strong and looks wider, then please consider TB-299, TB-311 and TB-886, while if you need your bridge slim and very light, then TB-156 and TB-279 are good choice we recommend. Kindly note, all the pad arms are made of durable stainless steel and they are easily adjustable as per your nose.


clip on (mount on) bridges:

If you need around 18.5mm length bridges, please consider TB-298 and TB-146

If you prefer 19.5mm length, please consider TB-179

If you prefer 20.5mm length bridges, please consider TB-316,

and for 21.5mm length bridges, TB-309 will be suitable.


 If you need your briges looks wider and very strong, please consider TB-309, same shape as TB-299, while it's clip on model. If you need your bridges looks like one line and very light, then please consider TB-298,TB-146,TB-179, thanks.

For all of clip on rimless bridges, necessary parts for installing are enclosed free as well, which includes:
plastic mounting sleeves: 5 pcs ;
silicone or PVC nose pads: 2 pairs ;


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26 Items

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