How to order eyeglass pats in

Here's the guide:


First, you have to register one paypal account or have one credit card if you want to make the order directly online;

Second, add all interested products into the cart and view it ,

Third, fill in your country, state, post code,then click " GET A QUOTE" for calculating the shipping fee in blue colored zone below;

Fourth, select shipping way, then click "UPDATE TOTAL" ,so that the shipping and handling fee apears correctly in the right upper corner and " Grand Total " is correct for paying finally (in blue squared zone);

Fifth, Click " check out with Paypal", login in your Paypal account, and fill in shipping address,then click "PLACE ORDER " or "PAY".

everything is done now, you'll get one order confirmation later.



How to pay by credit card:

Credit card payment. is acceptable when you don't have one PayPal account.

When you click " check out with PayPal", it will lead you to PayPal login in page, instead of filling in your Paypal email and Password, please click " Pay with Debit or Credit Card" on the bottom, then follow their instruction to complete the payment, thanks!

Enclosed one photo for your understanding easier.

For customers who have neither Paypal account nor credit card, western union is advised for paying,our information below:

First name: HAIHUA

Surname: LI

Country: CHINA

Once you finish the payment, please send us western union copy and note your detailed shipping address,contact number, addressee to enable us to arrange the shipping correctly,thanks!


Other questions:


1) Do I have to register one account in your website for making the order ?

 No actually, you could make the order as guest, but if so, you need fill in your shipping and billing information every time when you want to place the order.


2) Is there any minimum amount for making the order in your store?

 No any minimum amount required actually, just add all items you are interested in,select shipping fee,then click " Check out with Paypal ".


3) Must I register one Paypal account for ordering ?

 To register one Paypal account will make the ordering much easier and faster, but it's not always necessary when you prefer to pay by western union and bank wire.

4) what should I do if I found other interesting items after the order has been just placed a few minutes ago?

Don't hesitate in placing one new order online, as long as the shipping address is same, we will ship two parcels together and the shipping fee charged in your second order will be refunded once goods are shipped out,thanks!

 Any other question,please add our WhatsApp: +86 18767672002 or send email : for communication,thanks!