temples arms for eyeglass frame

Glasses arm, glasses temple:


ZOYE supplies a variety of glasses arm, glasses temple, such as temples for plastic frame, arms for rimless frame, arm for metal frame etc.

Temples arms for rimless frame:


Eyeglass Arms for rimless frame, plastic nylon glasses and 3D printed glasses TC-006:

One spring hinged arm for plastic frame and rimless frame. It was developped originally for plastic frames, but it turns out to suit rimless frame as well. As long as you use plastic washer between lenses and temples, it could be attached to lenses firmly, the temple tip model recommended is C066 ,with black,light demo, dark demo colors available.

glasses arms for replacement

The bridge model number in the photo is TB-299 gold.

Glasses arms for rimless frame, plastic, nylon ,3D printed glasses TC-009:

The arm model which we will recommend it strongly always. It's made of stainless steel, so quite durable in use. And with the screws parts, it could be installed onto frames easily. Yet, It suits both rimless frame and plastic or nylon glasses. It's also recommended for 3D printed glasses. The best arm cover is C076, with various colors available for option.

Temples for plastic, nylon,wood, horn, 3D printed frames TC-011:

It is recommended for nylong or plastic glasses frame as well, made of stainless steel as well, total length: 155mm. The arm cover model is C086, with various colors for option.

parts for 3D printed glasses

For above of them, various colors of acetate temple tips are enclosed free.

Arm for rimless glasses TC-001:

It's one really typical arm for rimless frame, made of stainless steel, with acetate temple sleeves together. 152mm total length makes it suit most of glasses. And it's easy for installing, only one plastic mounting sleeve TDV-61 is necessary for installing them onto lenses.

Temples for plastic frames TC-003;

Besides them,rubber temples RTA-01,RTA-02 are available,they are for metal front eyeglas frame.

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