bridge for rimless frame

Eyeglass bridge for rimless frame:


11 types of eyeglass bridges for rimless frame, including 6 types of screw on bridges, and 5 typles of clip on bridges:

Screw on nose bridges from rimless frame:

TB-886, the shortest, flat but strong bridge of 27mm length,suitable to manufacture 15mm rimless bridge ;

TB-156, the short one 28mm length,but classic style,suitable to manufacture 16mm long rimless bridges ;

 TB-311, popular bridge with 30.5mm total length, suitable to manufacture 18.5mm length rimless bridges;

 TB-279, the most slim bridge,31mm total length, suitable to manufacture 18.5mm length rimless bridges;

 TB-176, classic style,31.8mm total length,suitable to manufacture 20mm length rimless bridges;

 TB-299, the longest and very durable bridge in our company so far, 32.6mm total length,suitable to make 20mm length rimless bridge.


How to choose suitable glasses bridges for replacement?

If you'd like your rimless bridges at 15-16mm length, please consider and TB-886 and TB-156,
If you need 18mm rimless bridges, please consider TB-311 and TB-279,
If you need 20mm length of rimless bridges, please consider TB-176 and TB-299.  

If you need your bridges very strong and looks wider, then please consider TB-299, TB-311 and TB-886, while if you need your bridge slim and very light, then TB-156 and TB-279 are good choice we recommend. Kindly note, all the pad arms are made of durable stainless steel and they are easily adjustable as per your nose.


If customer order 2 pcs of bridges, we will consider they are for replacement, and more washers,caps,nose pads etc will be enclosed in, so totally you'll get:

plastic washers: 10 pcs ;

plastic caps: 10 pcs ;

metal hex or torx nuts: 10 pcs;

silicone nose pads: 4 pairs ;

stainless steel screws for nose pads: 10 pcs; (for screw-on nose pads type);

bridges for silhhouette frame bridges for silhhouette frame bridges for silhhouette frame


clip on bridges for rimless frame

clip on nose bridges for rimless frame: 

TB-298: super small and slim,light bridges, 30.2mm length, could be made18.8mm bridge; 

TB-146: short, light and strong bridges 30.6mm length, could be made 18.5mm bridges ; 

TB-316: its nails are laser cut out directly with bridge instead of being soldered on later, so they won't get removed unless it's broken, seems more popular bridges: 31.8mm length ,suitable to make 20.5mm bridge; 

TB-179: 32.2mm length; same bridge part as TB-279 screw on, but this model is clip-on type, to 19.5mm bridges.

TB-309: 32.7mm length;same bridge part as TB-299 screw on, but here is clip on type, suitable to make 21.5mm rimless bridges.


How to choose suitable mounting on bridges for your rimless frame ?

If you need around 18.5mm length bridges, please consider TB-298 and TB-146

If you prefer 19.5mm length, please consider TB-179

If you prefer 20.5mm length bridges, please consider TB-316,

and for 21.5mm length bridges, TB-309 will be suitable.


 If you need your briges looks wider and very strong, please consider TB-309, same shape as TB-299, while it's clip on model. If you need your bridges looks like one line and very light, then please consider TB-298,TB-146,TB-179, thanks.

For all of clip on rimless bridges, necessary parts for installing are enclosed free as well, which includes:
plastic mounting sleeves: 5 pcs ;
silicone or PVC nose pads: 2 pairs ;

Bridges' Material:

All of bridges are made of durable stainless steel and with fine delicate surface treatment, second-level electrical plating, so please don't compare our products with other poor quality ones at cheaper price.

Bridges' Colors:

All bridges for rimless eyewear here are available in silver, gold and gun colors for options, and metal screws, nuts are enclosed at same color.

For replacement purpose, we will usually advise customers to buy two pieces instead of one, one for repair now, the other for spare for future.

Everything you'll get for mount-on bridges 2 pcs pack:

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32 Items

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