Here we will share some knowledge about how to repair eyeglass. For example, how to replace nose pad or replace eyeglass temple etc.

Almost everyone has their own glasses, it is very important in our lives.From function,there are sunglasses, reading glasses, protective glasse which always protects our eyes. Many people have very affection on their glasses because it has seen your growth, your happiness, your memories... but the glasses are also very fragile. When it is damaged, many people can only throw it away.In fact, some of them can be fixed, we will share these repair tips with you.

First of all,we introduce the most common replacement of nosepads. Nosepads generally has a service life of 3 to 6 months. The material of nosepads usually made from silicone. After a long period of use, the material will deteriorate, the softness will become hard, and the transparency will turn yellow. Therefore, it must be replaced in time to ensure eyeglass's comfort.

The following is detailed description of the replacement of nosepads:

My grandfather has one reading glasses, he likes it very much, but i found that must be replaced.

An old reading glasses.

Details of old nosepads.

tools and materials you need to prepare:new nosepads,screws,micro-screwdriver. If you don't have these tools and materails, you can visit this page to buy:

Remove old screws.

The old nosepads has been removed.

So easy! The new nosepads has been replace completed