Polarized lenses for sunglasses:


TAC material ;


10 types of mirror(revo) colors: light blue, dark blue, pink, rose, green, gold, purple, lilac,oranage, white mercury colors;

15 types of normal colors (without mirror coating): light /median/ dark green, light/ median/dark grey, light/median/dark brown, gradual brown, gradual grey colors and some jelly colors: yellow, light blue,violet, purple colors.

Therefore,  totally  25 colors available for option for porlarized lenses so far.

Size: 55*65 mm, 1.0mm thickness; 4 base ;

UV400 and unbreakable.

with FDA certificate and CE certificate, pass drop ball test.

10 classic colors of revo polarized lens UV400 below:

colors show below:

Revo color uv400 light blue color 55*65mm 4 base 1.0mm thickness:

Revo dark blue color:

Revo gold color:



Revo pink color:

Revo rose color:


Revo green color:

Revo UV400 orange color:

Revo purple color:

Revo white mercury:

Revo polarized lens colors Collection:

15 calssic colors of normal polarized lenses for sunglasses below:

which inclues

light,median,dark brown ;

light,median,dark smoke; 

light,median,dark green ;

gradual smoke and brown,

Size are same at 55*65mm, made of TAC, 1.0mm thickness , 4 base as well.

colors show below:

Kindly note the price for all lenses is for one pair instead of one piece.

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16 Items

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