Glasses rimlocks :

What's the rimlocks of glasses ?

It's one small part which could be usually found in the side of rims, they are usually cut into upper and below two parts, and fixed together in order to hold the lenses in rims firmly. It helps the temples to be soldered onto rims firmly as well, so in most of metal frames, you could find it under the connecting position between temples and rim.


Usually made of nickel alloy or titanium.

Could it be used in any material of glasses ?

nickel glasses, stainless steel sunglasses, tiantium frame, metal and acetate combination frames etc. but in full plastic frames, you couldn't found it.

Popular Sizes ?

1.8mm to 3.0mm thickness, 2.0mm to 3.5mm height.


Rimlocks are small but important part, they appears in new eyeglass frame manufacturing and repair works,with screws enclosed together.

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5 Items

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