M1.4 torx screws for eyeglass hinge

M1.4 torx screws
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These torx screws were originally developped for eyeglass hinge TSH-52 and TSH-53 but could also be used in other hinges as long as you need your normal screws become more beautiful, decorative effect.

Its advantage is since there's torx design in the head,it couldn't be screwed or unscrewed easily except using the torx screwdriver . It belongs to normal thread screws instead of self-tapping ones.

Material: stainless steel;

Size: 2.4mm diameter head, 1.4mm thread diameter, various overall length (2.7mm, 3.6mm,4.5mm,5.5mm,7mm ) available for option.

torx screws for eyeglass hinges

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