80 pairs of great spring hinges kit for wood sunglasses TAH-16

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What kind of spring hinges are suitable for wood sunglasses ?

Where to find quality spring hinges parts for wood sunglasses ?

Here comes

the hottest eyeglass spring hinges kit for wood and horn eyeglass :


which includes 80 pairs of spring hinges, 16 types of great spring hinges, most importantly, all of them have been proved the most popular ones among customers for these year.

they are TSH-10-C,TSH-51,TSH-53,TSH-55-A,TSH-56,TSH-59-A,TSH-61,TSH-62,TSH-63,TSH-66,TSH-68,TSH-71,TSH-73,TSH-75,TSH-76,TSH-78.


5 pairs each, 80 pairs totally.

Screws necessary for installing are enclosed free.

Great spring hinges kit for wood frames, especially recommend for wood horn eyeglass designer and new makers.

Packed in plastic box, with every model labeled on, portable and easily for keeping.

80 pairs of lattest eyeglass hinges kti for wood horn sunglass frame in 2022

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