13 types of universal eyeglass hinges for all kinds of eyeglass frame TAH-01

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1. Mode: TAH-01

2. 13 Models(TH-21-TH-36), 2 pairs each,26 pairs totally.  including: TH-21,TH-22,TH-23,TH-24,TH-25,TH-26,TH-27,TH-29,TH-30,TH-33,TH-34,TH-35 ,TH-36;
3. size: 3.0-8.0mm; with screws for installing (onto frames)matched free.

4. one great universal hinges kit for all kinds of eyeglass frames,metal,plastic,horn,wood etc,specially nice for those who had soldering problem,
5.specially recommend for eyeglass designer,new starters etc.

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