assorted hinges for plastic eyeglass frame TAH-04

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Hottest glasses hinges kit for plastic frame in 2022:


The kit includes 23 types of most popular glasses hinges in the market for plastic eyeglass frame:


1. Mode: TAH-04

2. we select more reasonable models in the new kit, includes 23 types of hinge,

3 types of popular universal hinges, TH-37,TH-38,TH-41; 

20 types of normal barrel hinges: TH-52,TH-53,TH-54,TH-55,TH-56,TH-58,TH-59,TH-60,TH-61,TH-62,TH-63,TH-65,TH-66,TH-67,TH-68,TH-69,TH-70,TH-71,TH-72,TH-76 . 

2 pairs each, 46 pairs totally.

3. Every size is available, 3.0mm for TH-61 square hinge, 4.0mm for TH-52/TH-53 square and round hinges, 5.0mm width for TH-54/TH-56/TH-58/TH-59 ,6.0mm for TH-66/TH-71  90 or 180 degree hinges, 8.0mm for TH-38 univeral hinge and TH-60 heat inserting hinges;

various shapes available:

square hinges for TH-53/TH-62/TH-63 etc, round hinges for TH-65/TH-66/TH-67/TH-68 etc.

with or without stop degree, side inserting and straight inserting way.


4. Material and color:

All of them are made of high nickel alloy material, with all nickel color coating.

5. great hinges kits for sunglasses designer or new makers for plastic frame.

popular glasses hinges for acetate frame assorted hinges kit for acetate sunglasses
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