tungsten steel cutter for making temple recess for hinge TSH-59-A

cutter for TSH-59-A
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Many customer don't know how to make T recess (two levels recesses) on wood eyeglass temples when the reaching out bottom is wider than above spring box, such as TSH-59, TSH-64,TSH-61,TSH-66 etc.;

Actually, when the reaching out wings(hinges bottom) is wider than the above soldered spring boxes(it's wider in most of times), you only need one cutter which enables you to make the two level recesses on temples in one time.

Check the below images, you will find the reaching out bottom become invisible,as it has been hidden in lower recess,isn't it fantastic for hinges installing? Now, hinge TSH-59 fits temples perfect !

So we strongly recommend every wood sunglasses manufacturer to have one if you haven't it yet.


In order to make every of our hinges installing easier and as per customers requirement, we'll start to supply all the cutters for our hinges.

Here's only

cutters for making temple recess for TSH-59

Made of tungsten steel,

double headed design enable you to use it twice even when one head gets broken,therefore it's quite durable in the use.

Now never fear the hinges installing from now on!


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