strap bridge nose pads,nose pad straps TN-13(42*17mm)

TN-13 (42*17mm)
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 strap bridge nose pads,nose pad straps:


Strap bridge nose pads is one special kind of eyeglass nose pads,which comes aross your bridge like one strap,so is also called nose pad straps,are widely used on safety eyeglasses.

Unlike all pressure are only on two small seperate pieces of pads, the straps could disperse the weight of your frame to whole strap so that to make your nose feels more confortable. It's a good choice for replacement if you feel hurt on your old two pieces of seperate nose pads.Since the mount sizes of arm guard or braket is almost the same size, so no worry about the incorrect size in replacement.

Material: pure silicone; screw on and click on types are both available;

The size:: A: 30 x B:16mm ; 

(A stands for distance between two mounts center; B stands for height of strap.)

nose pad straps

How it looks after straps nose pads on the eyeglass frame :

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