soft silicone anti slipping ear hooks and rope solid green

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Why anti-slipping ear hooks and ropes are the best solution of eyewear slipping:


Made of pure silicone,environmental material,same as baby's bottle nipple;

Super soft,super flexible,safe and comfortable for wearing;

No smelling,No tranform,no dyeing so no fading, good durability;

Human like design,better suits your ear,comfortable for wearing;

Wonderful and beautiful colors available for option,

Never fear corrosion in any weather;

Easily portable in one small plastic box;

Sold by kit including: 1 piece of rope+1 pair of ear hook+1 piece of plastic box as in photo;

freeshipping by air mail for all customers;

Ear hook and ropes,

which is made of safe and super soft,elastic silicone,which prevent your eyewear from annoyed slipping off problem anymore,

It's specially recommended and suitable for kids,teenages when they are running,playing,driving and reading etc,

Henceforce,never slipping off  anymore,your kids eyewear!

They are so light that you even couldn't feel it exists.

Every parents should have one kit for his kids,we strongly recommend!

14 beautiful colors available for option:

black,transparent white,brown,grey,dark blue,light blue,solid red,transparent red,solid green,transparent light green,pink,purple,orange,yellow etc,all of them are beautiful colors which kids love.



Ear Hooks: 38mm*10mm*3.8mm; suitable for anyone,kids,teenages,adults,suitable for temples end width between 5-15mm;

(but not suitable for super slim temples end below 2.0mm wide or diameter.)

Rope: 18cm but super flexible,could be stretched to 45cm,recommended specially for children or teenages;(shorter for adults);


Easily install onto temples,easily wearing ,

the position of ear hooks could be adjusted till your comfortability.

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