silicone eyeglass bridge,none hurt silicone eyewear bridge TN-29

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Silicone eyeglass bridges:

1. made of silicone,soft and safe material;

2. quite light: only 1.12 grams,bridges with nose pads;

3. remove your red sport or hurt from old bridges;

4. adjustable as per your nose shape,comfortable for wearing;

5. none-hurt eyewear bridges for replacement;

Saddle Bridge Nose Pads,Nose Bridge Pads;


saddle bridge nose pads is one kind of special eyeglass nose pads whose shape looks like one saddle, there are one raised area around 2.5-3.0mm on the back with two spacers inside to enable the bridges to be screwed onto glasses. The metal piece which was inserted inside makes pads more durable and strong enough to support the weight of your glasses.These bridges are mostly used on sporty glasses which require more stablility during riding or playing. The another advantage is these bridges are adjustable bridge as its two legs are soft to be opened wider or closer at one limitated degree with different customers face size, make it a bit bigger or closer. It combines eyeglass bridge and nose pads together,so also called nose bridge pads.

Material: silicone with metal insert;

Colors: transparent for silicone,silver metal insert;

Sizes: A: 15mm x B:19mm;

(A is top length of bridge (L), B is height of bridge (H); 6mm center distance between two holes on the back for all models)

 size of saddle bridge

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