3.0mm round screw on hinge for eyeglass TH-21

TH-21 3.0mm
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This hinge is suitable for any frame which exists soldering problem,such as wood sunglasses,plastic sunglasses,aluminum frame,horn eyeglasses,bamboo sunglasses etc,as its installed onto frame by pins or screws instead of soldering.

Material: high nickel with shinny nickel color plating

Ways of installing hinges onto frames:

by self-tapping screws: 1.2mm diameter with 3.5mm,4.2mm,5.0mm 6.0mm shaft length available for option;
by single rivets:1.2mm diameter with 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm shaft length available;
by double rivets: 5.5mm(TDV-01), 6.0mm (TDV-02),7.0mm (TDV-03)  for free; TDV-06,TDV-07,TDV-11,TDV-12,TDV-13,TDV-15 for charged;

Please note these screws or rivets are enclosed  free for your order except TDV-06-TDV-15.

3.0mm width, 4.0mm total height, 16.5mm overall length after assembled together;
Drawing of TH-21:

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