15 types of hottest eyeglass pad arms for wood plastic horn frames TAP-01

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HOTTEST 15 types of eyeglass pad arms for wood plastic horn aluminum sunglasses;


The kit includes:

5 types of monel pad arms,they are: TP-A06-5/TP-A14/TP-A15/TP-A258-2/TP-A292-1 ;

5 types of titanium pad arms,they are:TP-28/TP-29/TP-30/TP-31/TP-35 ;

5 types of stainless steel models,they are : TP-68/TP-73/TP-77/TP-113/TP-A176 ;


2 pairs per model, 30 pairs totally. Sold with silicone nose pads and screws free.

They are mainly installed by clip on or screw on. 

Great when you'd like to add silicone nose pads onto your plastic or wood eyeglass frame while not sure which one suits best.

Every eyewear repair shop or plastic wood eyeglass maker should own one !


TP-A06-5 TP-A14 TP-A15 TP-A258-2 TP-A292-1
Monel Monel Monel Monel Monel
TP-28 TP-29 TP-30 TP-31 TP-35
Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium
TP-68 TP-73 TP-77 TP-113 TP-A176
stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel

15 types of pad arms for plastic frames pad arms for plastic horn sunglasses frames


If you need bigger quantity, please check TAP-02 , which includes 5 pairs each in the kit, thanks.

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