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knowledge of eyeglass parts

Many people have their own eyeglass, some people's eyeglass are broken, need to repair or buy eyeglass parts to replace, but many people do not know the name of the eyeglass part, ZOYE is a professional eyeglass parts manufacturer and supplier, we are pleased to share the knowledge of eyeglass frame and eyeglass parts here:

The eyeglass frame has a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, acetate, etc. Today we introduce the metal frame, let's get to know the eyeglasses:
front view of eyeglass frame
On the front view, we saw eyeglass parts: lens, eyeglass bridge, rim wire.

sideview of eyeglass frame
On the side view, we saw eyeglass parts: eyeglass temples, temle tips.

airview of eyeglass frame
Air view of eyeglass frame.

detail of eyeglass temples
On the foto we saw spring hinge, hinge's screw, front hinge and rim lock

details of pad arms and nose pads
On the foto we saw nose pads, pad arms, pad arms screw.

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